Wednesday, September 1, 2010

"The Road" Comes To Life as Watercolor

Every time our Road Warriors 2010 window opens up on someone's computer, the viewer is greeted with a fairy tale-like photo of a trail in Del Valle Park. Gotta say, I never get tired of looking at that trail and picturing myself smack in the middle of it. Yup, I'm right there putting in my road warrior miles on that dirt path snaking around oaks and through honey colored hills...taking the time to check out billowing clouds that look like the icing on a cake....looking for critters and listening for red tailed hawks.

Who wouldn't want to be out there, on the the hills...and away from traffic and jack hammered city streets? It's a joy to huff and puff in beautiful places and I am constantly grateful for the opportunity to use my legs, heart and mind to take me through this version of God's country. I have a hunch most of our road warriors feel the same way and are equally grateful to be able to turn their miles into something bigger than themselves.

To everyone logging miles for our vets...
You are all doing a great thing out there!
And we want to thank you in this way....

We are incredibly honored that local watercolor artist Marie Pascal has accepted our request to create her interpretation of Gene Frieders beautiful photographs of our valley's open road. When she is finished, her original artwork will be presented to a Road Warrior to say "thank you so much" for putting yourself out there to make a difference.

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