Monday, January 11, 2016

The Year of Restoration

My husband and I started a New Year's tradition many years ago…We give a theme to each year and then wait and watch how that theme plays itself out. This year will be the Year of Restoration…restoring those things that have been lost to us (through natural events, injury or accident for example). We have always been surprised at what we learn by keeping a particular focus on the years events and so we will see what is restored in our lives and those of our friends during the coming year. In 2010, the Year of the Gift, the year we launched Road Warriors,
we imagined ourselves to be giving many things away to others, when in fact we were the ones who had gifts showered on us.

For anyone who has served or is serving in the armed forces, I can imagine there is a huge list of things needed to be restored. It is a good prayer for us all I think. I am looking forward to 2016 with great anticipation. So we say goodbye to 2015, The Year of Peace--the year I broke my wrist mountain biking while on vacation, the year Dave's 356 Porsche engine was blown up, the year we went to the Eastern Sierra to scout out a trail for backpacking but forgot our sleeping bags and were forced out by fire, the year Dave backed into two cars and lost his Omega wrist watch, an anniversary gift in the Year of the Child, 2005. We wondered where the peace was. The answer was clear…in this world there is no peace. In trial, there seems to be no peace at all, except when you are on the other side, able to see how much you were still being taken care of by a loving Father. Now I am healed, I can swing a golf club again, the car engine is repaired, insurance took care of the accidents, and I am looking to see Dave's watch restored to us.