Sunday, September 12, 2010

"I can TOTALLY do this!"

The Walnut Festival 5K-10K run was definitely the place to be this morning. The weather was perfect and before I had even finished setting up the red, white and blue RW info table, 4 new young Road Warriors had signed up vowing, "I can totally do this!"

Long story short, I gave away every single packet I had with me! 20 new road warriors are on board--and they all agree that putting in 100 miles before 11/11/10 is doable. Three of our new road warriors will be getting our T shirt transfer in the mail this week so they can iron it onto their own shirts.
Iron On T Shirt Transfers given away

Gotta love these guys and gals today, especially the teen agers! They want to participate in something meaningful. They have a heart for our soldiers and their children. The grade school runners loved the Wounded Warrior Project wrist bands--couldn't give them away fast enough.

This was an exhilarating weekend. Bigger and better than I ever imagined. Thanks to all the new road warriors out there willing to do something tangible for soldiers they don't even know. It was obvious that every person who decided to become a Road Warrior this weekend knows our military deserves our miles, our praise and our support. 

We welcome these willing warriors to the road....Gisella, Nancy, Ross, Chris, Alice, Anthony, Helene, Parisa, Juliette, Tom, Whitney, Rowena and Marvin, Tricia, Brent, Jamaica, Elvira, Siobhan, Laurie and Kevin. 

Remember to have fun out there!

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