Saturday, September 11, 2010

9/11 Brings Out Proud Patriots!

Young American Patriots Fife & Drum Corps
September 11th was HOT today at the Farmers' Market in more ways than one! Not only were we treated to the historic sound of a fife and drum corps, but we had record warrior sign ups, record donations and words of praise for 2 veterans recorded on our Road Warrior T Shirts...
Chris Miller writes words of thanks to Corporal Allen Silveria

AND...We blew our old record of 5 Road Warrior recruits in one day out of the water with 15 new sign ups! From curious moms with strollers to guys in cycling gear, everyone wanted to know the same thing..."Tell me about Road Warriors". And I did! These new warriors will be logging about 11 miles a week for the next two months and looking for sponsors to support their awesome commitment. 

What great hearts you have for our military.
New Road Warriors Jamaica & Daughter Elvira

Not only will we have 15 new road warriors logging miles and raising money all the way to Veterans' Day, we also have today's donations from our 9/11 memorial. Tallying up our incredibly generous donation of $750.00 from Pacific Coast Farmers Market Association plus the heartfelt 9/11 donations from our market shoppers....

Today we raised $1101.22!

I wish I could express to you the enthusiasm and sincerity with which each donation and decision to become a road warrior was made. If you know an active military person, veteran or family of a veteran, please let them know that the heart of America is for them, and always will be. Tell them about the mother who handed me her $10.00 donation as quarters filling up a baggie. She and her daughter had gathered them together that morning. They did it as family....counting quarters to give away to support our military children. Tell them the words one of our new road warriors wrote on the T shirt we will give to Corporal Allen Silveria...

Thanks for your big sacrifice 
so we still can live our dreams.
De todo corazon, Gisella

Saturday Oct 2 brought in $26.00 more in donations
for a total of $1127.22 and
10 more new Road Warriors!
We are still aiming to reach our donation goal of $1500.00

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