Warriors On Board

As of August 2010, the number of Army, Navy, Marine and Air Force members wounded in Operation Enduring Freedom since 2001 is listed as 6773 by the Dept. of Defense. California is the state suffering the greatest number of Casualties at 517. click here to see DOD statistics.

Now, as members of Road Warriors 2010, it is our privilege and honor to help these wounded men and women in their fight to win back the healthiest, most productive civilian life possible. So many people have joined in with enthusiasm and generosity to make ROAD WARRIORS 2010 happen.  Huge shout out to our Warriors and Supporters On Board....

Dave Roberts, my best friend, husband of 32 years and fellow Warrior (walker-hiker guy). Thanks for helping me keep my eyes on the prize.

Patti Cowger (our very first Road Warrior ) Thanks for your constant support and invaluable advice from the inception of RW 2010. You see things I don't and I love having your creative second set of eyes. Thanks for never doubting that we could do this and for your love of country and those who serve her selflessly.

Tom Bacon for asking me "Do you need help" and for actually showing up to help me all day long for the Kick Off. You're a great advocate for wounded warriors.

Richard Mastronardo for being my first donor!

Joanie Greggains for the Pace Walk tapes donated to give to our participants and for always being willing to announce our events on KGO radio. This kind of exposure in the Bay Area...for free...is an incredible blessing.

Mike Vandewalker from KHS for being willing to break the rules of the high school reunion website and put up a link to RW2010. I found out it's awesome to know the webmaster!

Doug Miller, Pleasanton VFW Post 6298 Commander...Doug came up to our recruiting table at the 4th of July Celebration and asked, "How can I help you?" Doug, we want to help you! His work with the Army allows him to actively support 58 wounded warriors in the Bay Area, Central Valley and Reno. Doug is helping us learn how we can be involved in the lives of severely injured veterans in our area. Thanks for all your time and expertise. It means the world to us.

Paleo Man, Daniel "B"...what an incredible encouragement you were to us when you joined up and let us know you were "ecstactic about this inspiring event". No wonder you have so many supporters  and sponsors for your efforts! I hope you know, you are an inspiration to me.

John Silveira and the Pleasanton Certified Farmers Market...what can I say? John has volunteered to sponsor my 1,000 miles at $.75 per mile and is asking shoppers at our market to donate the same or more to benefit the Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund. I am so very blessed by this pledge and grateful for young men like John's sons, both Marine Corps veterans of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Bronwyn Mason-when Bronwyn found out about the $9.11 donation for wounded warriors, she added an extra zero! We love extra zeros in this case! Bronwyn's textile artwork is proudly displayed as a part of my booth at the Farmers' Market. I think of her every time I display it and now have another reason to be grateful for her friendship and kindness.

Here are the names of the awesome Road Warriors I have met face to face at one of our events or who have signed up on line...You guys knock my socks off every time you say, "I'll sign up. I can do this." Thanks so much for all your hard work out there and for keeping our troops on your minds and in your hearts...

  1. Emily Cruzan
  2. Olga Kay
  3. Dr. Juris Bunkis
  4. Frank Bielecki
  5. Mario from Livermore Cyclery
  6. Sean Seufert
  7. Cole Williams
  8. The Sousa Family
  9. Pat Murray
  10. Marti Christiansen
  11. Larry and Jan Valco
  12. Dane Williams
  13. Dave Roberts
  14. Jeff Atherton
  15. Bronwyn Mason
  16. Robert H. Sherwin and wife Sue
  17. Frank the hiker on Kottinger Drive
  18. Steve Benson
  19. Phil and Kimber 
  20. Sean Medina
  21. Nola Gill
  22. Kara Simone
  23. Gill Wong
  24. Rhonda Grubaugh
  25. Bob Gill
  26. 3 Tri Valley Triathlon club members
  27. Grace Todd
  28. Alex Summers
  29. Mary Lou Kinkelaar
  30. Chloe
  31. Carol Edson
  32. JC Nelson
  33. J Smith
  34. Erick Lovdahl
  35. Mike Murray
  36. Daniel Badiali
  37. Chris S.
  38. Ross Fay
  39. Diana Jeong
  40. Nancy Stevens
  41. Brent Descalopodis
  42. Tricai Hayley
  43. Jamaica Jensen
  44. Elvira Jensen
  45. Rowena & Marvin Isip
  46. Parisa Banani
  47. Whitney Foran
  48. Juliette Bautista
  49. Tom Robey
  50. Alice
  51. Helene Hollidge
  52. Laurie and Kevin
  53. Siobhan Magee
  54. Ali
  55. Karen & Kelly Switzer
  56. Emma Stewart
  57. Bill Hutchinson
  58. Candyce Roberts