Saturday, November 6, 2010

Woohoo! Road Warrior JC Nelson Meets 1,000 Mile Goal

At our Wrap Up today--JC Nelson, Steve Benson & Dave Roberts-- proud Road Warriors all!
Congratulations all around for JC Nelson whose 10K run today at our Sycamore Grove Park Wrap Up put him over the 1,000 mile mark. John has been putting in his miles in honor of his two nephews Jeffrey and Christopher who are serving in the Army and Marines. He's even wearing his awesome Road Warriors 2010 tee shirt!!!

Anthony started logging miles in Sept and wants to be a RW next year!
Anthony Sison signed on at the Walnut Festival 10 K race in Walnut Creek...he came in from Tracy today to put in a few mega miles on his bike to help him reach his 100 miles. Great to see you again Anthony and thanks so much for coming so far to join us. Dave Roberts and Steve Benson took off for a winding walk through the sycamore trees. And I was lucky enough to run along side JC as he put in those final miles. I have a great feeling of anticipation about tomorrow's Veterans Day Parade (1 pm) and Program (2 pm) at the Memorial Building on Main Street. Elizabeth's quilt of valor is finished and ready to present to her at the program as a small but heartfelt token of our appreciation and deep gratitude for her courage, service and sacrifice while serving in Iraq.
I'm finishing the handwork on the quilt binding...25 years after starting it!
I am so proud of and grateful for all our Road Warriors who have commited to 100 miles or more, not just for themselves, but for the sake of  the courageous men and women serving in our Armed Forces. We simply cannot ever thank them enough. See you at the Veterans Parade (1pm) and program (2pm) tomorrow in downtown Pleasanton. The program is held in our newly remodeled Veterans Memorial Building with this beautiful bronze out front.
Thank you to every veteran in America. 
Thank you for your dedication and service for this great country we call America, the land we love and hold so dear.

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