Thursday, November 4, 2010

"The Road Ahead" Takes Life

Marie Pascal used Gene Freiders' photos of the road to inspire her
original watercolor for Road Warriors 2010

Two days ago I walked up to my front door and found a modest looking package resting against the door. "What could this be?" And then it hit me...It's the watercolor of "The Road Ahead" that we asked Marie Pascal to paint for us! It's here! It's finished. And it's beautiful. I'm keeping the finished work a secret for a few more days. But we are so proud to be able to give this incredible piece of original art to one of our Road Warriors.  The Natsoulas Gallery in Davis has shown Marie's art for many years and writes this about her...we couldn't agree more!

"Marie is one of the most skillful watercolor painters in the world. Her detail and control are unprecedented in the field. While her brush stroke is carefully nuanced and her colors often glowing, her subject matter is more serious upon further reflection."

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