Sunday, November 28, 2010

Grand Kudos to "Sycamore Grove Park Warrior"!

John's on the right, then me and Steve Benson, neighbor and road warrior.

John Nelson, our dedicated "Sycamore Grove Park Warrior" got a very big surprise last week...He was given a much deserved (and our only) award--Marie Pascal's original water color painting of our signature home page photo "The Road Ahead" (the photo was taken by Gene Frieders at the back of Del Valle Dam in Livermore).

Looking at the painting for the first time, John's comment was, "No one could appreciate this more than me. It's where I run."

You might be wondering, why John? Because he just plain outdid everyone out there....John was one of the first persons to sign up for RWs2010 as his way to honor his two nephews Jeffrey and Christopher who are both serving in the military. John ended up logging an incredible 1,000 miles for our wounded warriors this summer and thanks to his generous sponsors, he brought in the highest amount in pledges.

John showed up at all of our events from Kick Off to Quilt of Valor to Wrap Up and Veterans Day Program. One of the nicest RW memories for me will always be the day that I got to run John's final 6 miles with him at our Sycamore Grove Park Wrap Up.  Congratulations John...You earned it!

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