Thursday, November 11, 2010

"NICE JOB!" You made it to Veterans Day!

It's Veterans Day, the day we have all been working toward, the reason we've all been hitting the road since Memorial Day. Let me tell you about my fantastic finishing experience.

I took off for my final 6 miles run as a Road Warrior this morning on Foothill Road. I felt way better than I expected after putting in 1,083 miles since we started. WAY I was chugging along pretty well for me, Just about 1 mile from the finish, a cyclist came up behind me and called out "Nice Job! You're going pretty fast."  I had seen him on the way out and now he found me on the back side of the run. 

Woohoo! I had a "Nice Job" shout out.  A "Congratulations" on my last day, putting in my last miles! Are you kidding me? I couldn't believe it. I took that as a heavenly pat on the back and want to call it right out to every Road Warrior out there.


You have done a fantastic job in sticking to a very long term project and made a HUGE difference to our wounded veterans and their children. 

So far, we are nearing the $7,000 mark in donations but we won't 
know the total tally for at least a month. 

We have been asked to deliver all donations by December 12. 
In order to make sure we get credit for them, please indicate Road Warriors 2010 on the check or include a sponsorship form with your donations.

If you donate by using the links on our "How to Donate" page, you will be sure to 
give us credit, so consider that as well.

Here's a look back at where we've been since Memorial Day...from our Kick Off at The Ridge Park, to Fourth of July Celebration, to card signings, to local trails, Wrap Up Outing and Quilt of Valor Presentation
Walking The Ridge at our Kick Off

Kick Off Banner in Place!

Two of our early recruits

These 2 Road Warriors Joined at a Pleasanton Triathlon
Wild Life Along the Road

Our Youngest Warriors

4th of July Recruiting Table

Why we love to Run at Sycamore Grove Park

Wounded Warrior Project Reminder of Why We Signed On

Cyclists Featured on our First Flyer

These are the heroes we can't forget

Our Tee Shirt Transfer Design...We made and gave away a dozen tee shirts

Our 9/11 Campaign at the Farmers Market

Backpacking Miles in September

Another donation for 9/11...we made it to $1200.00

The Road We Love to Travel

Wrap Up Buddies

Finishing the Quilt of Valor for Elizabeth
QOV on Display at Alden Lane Quilt Show...thanks JC for the pic duty!

QOV Presentation at the Veterans Day Program Nov 7th
Card Signing Table for the QOV...set up downtown.

Thanks for making it happen everyone!

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