Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Road Warriors 2010 Tees Off at Las Positas Golf Course

No, we're not holding a golf tournament...yet!  But the gracious staff at Las Positas Golf Course in Livermore CA has invited us to set up our info table outside of Beeb's (great food) Restaurant this Sunday August 1st

We'll be setting up around noon to spread the word in person and hand out RW 2010 info packets and a post game snack..."Serious Golf Nuts"...candied walnuts with cinnamon, brandy and cayenne pepper.

Our goal is to let golfers know that they can support our nation's wounded vets just by WALKING the course....and playing more golf....a lot more golf for a lot more fun!   I've walked Las Positas wearing my Garmin Forerunner and accumulated an unbelievable 6.6 miles and posted an 89. If golfers want to put in all of their 100 Road Warrior miles on the course...they'll be playing about 17 patriotic rounds for Wounded Warrior Project or Freedom Alliance Scholarship fund.

The Las Positas greens are in great shape, every hole offers something challenging, and every once in a while, you spot that bushy tailed fox hunting up dinner along the edges of the fairway. We're looking forward to Sunday, hoping lots of golfers will be trading in their cart to walk instead of ride their next 17 rounds.


  1. Love the golf angle Candyce. Good on ya!

  2. Wanted to let you know that my Uncle, John Nelson, turned me onto your Blog! I have printed out a mileage log and will be doing my best help as many wounded warriors as possible. So far I've got a couple of donors and hope to get lots more. My brother is in the marines and currently stationed in Afghanistan, so i greatly appreciate the work you are doing. Keep up the good work. And love the photos of the park by the way! I've got them on my computer as my desktop.

  3. JSmith...Welcome to THE TRIBE! Gotta say, it's an honor to have both you and your uncle putting in road time for this cause. Saw your Uncle the other day at Sycamore Grove park, sweatin' away and logging miles... inspires me more than you could know. I am so glad you enjoy the blog and pics, as I love doing it. It is a most interesting journey...this RWs2010 thing we are doing. But my feeling is..."How can we NOT do this?" Please let me know If I can help you in anyway, anytime with logistics and forms or ideas for places to run, etc.

    Your brother is in our prayers...I hope he knows, he has the total respect, admiration and appreciation of so many Americans, especially the ones I meet who do stop by my table to sign up for RWs2010.

    BTW..One of our young RWs, Daniel, has gotten many relatives to support him and he says he is "ecstactic about this inspiring project." Now THAT is an encouraging attitude, eh? I tell more about him in the blog entry "Paleo Man Joins the Tribe".

    Thanks again for your comment....Keep us posted on your progress!