Saturday, July 17, 2010

Cool Runnings & Calls

Looking for a place to log your road warrior miles in the shade? I just got back from doing 6 miles on Foothill Road along the Pleasanton Ridge --it's the best place I've found to run and STAY COOL on these hot, hot summer days. The entire road is sheltered with overarching trees taking down the temperature at least 15 degrees compared to exposed areas.

Park at the Ridge Park Staging area or Long View Drive and run or bike into quaint Sunol and up Kilkare Road for more shade, great scenery, less traffic and anywhere from 6-12 miles of road time. Or give Augustine Bernal Park a try like these gals below...all dirt trails, NO traffic and water at the top as well as shade from Oak and Bay Laurel Trees.


And I made A VERY COOL CALL THIS AM to the cool, calm digital goddess, Kim Komando. When I got on the air, I asked for help spreading the word about Road Warriors 2010 on facebook and she recommended using the "group" pages, so I'll get on that ASAP. Also, she took my info and said she'd get back to me about getting some help for our soldiers by making road warriors "bigger" out there. Now THAT would be so VERY COOL because Kim is a runner and a long time supporter of our military by sending care packages through "Operation Komando". The Kim Komando Show is a great resource for all things digital...Kim is patient with callers, kind, incredibly knowlegable, but best of all, she knows how to get the job done to support our would be an honor to have her help us out. Thanks Kim!

One more cool call came from 75 year old Miriam from Sacramento...she called to ask some questions and signed up to be a Road Warrior! Is that great or what? She learned about us from the Freedom Alliance Review which gave us a mention in their fundraiser "thank you" section. I was thrilled to hear from her and learned that the Review is mailed out to 40,000 Americans. I can only hope that other FA Review readers saw our Road Warrior blurb and have decided to start logging miles just like the lively Miriam.

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