Saturday, August 7, 2010

5 New Warriors Join the Tribe!

This morning Road Warriors 2010 set up shop on the sidewalk outside Pleasanton's Fleet Feet Running Store on Main Street. The idea was to invite the regulars from the Saturday am running/walking club to join RWs2010 to make their miles count for Wounded Warrior Project and Freedom Alliance.

So how did it go?

Well, when Kay (who likes to run) and Emily (who walks all over Pleasanton) found out they could log 100 miles to support our wounded warriors, they said the words we love to hear..."I want to do this!" "It's such a good cause."

Can't explain how encouraging it is to have such an automatic and positive response to the Road Warriors 2010 purpose. Thank you, Kay and Emily for having such big hearts for our troops and their families. We hope you'll stay in touch.

In order to get in some run time myself this afternoon, I drove to Sunol to do 6 miles along shady Kilkare Road. I was looking forward to seeing this old sign, about 2.25 miles up the road.

Anyway, when I pulled into the Niles Canyon train station parking lot at the bottom of Kilkare, I spied something wonderful....a bunch of cyclists sporting "Tri Valley Triathlon Club" jerseys. Triathletes are PERFECT candidates for Road Warriors 2010, I thought. Absolutely have to talk to them.

So how did it go?

Two of the gals and a guy (a vet himself) proved to be very keen on the opportunity to run and ride for wounded warriors. Yahoo!

I'm sorry I didn't get their names, but want to thank these dedicated triathletes for letting me "butt" into their post-ride conversation to share the RW story--especially as logging both training and race day miles has the potential to make a big big difference in the lives of our military heroes who are still facing many challenges and tackling them with incredible courage.

Wounded Warriors Chris & Hoss, printed with
permission of Wounded Warrior Project

That's how it went today. 
Pretty darned wonderful!
Ride or run up Kilkare Road to see this great stone home

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