Saturday, July 10, 2010

Paleo-Man Daniel Joins the Tribe

I set up the Road Warriors 2010 table right next to my nutrition table at the Pleasanton Farmers' Market and signed up the PERFECT Road Warrior today! Wearing red, white and blue, looking very fit after loosing 80 lbs, a scholarship recipient and now a 1/2 marathon runner, Daniel B agreed to "get the job done" for our wounded warriors by knocking out his 100 miles or more.

D had stopped by my "Ask our Dietitian" booth  to talk about the Paleolithic diet plan he has been following.As a dietitian,

I reminded him about the importance of having adequate carb on board to fuel his running--the Paleo diet providing carb only from fruits and veggies (maybe not enough carb, I said.) His comment..."Good thing I eat alot!" Funny guy, that Daniel.

After our talk, he's thinking about eventually branching out and adding "ancient" grains like wheat berries, quinoa, barley to his diet in the whole grain form, not processed. In any event, we are proud to add "Paleo Man" as a Road Warrior and support him in his generous running efforts all the way up to Veterans day on 11/11/10.

Possibly Paleo Man's Running Parnters?

I found these 2 "old" fellows a couple years ago at Chicago's 
great Natural History Museum on the lake--well worth a visit and a great place for a run/walk along the shore of the lake as big as an ocean.

On a more serious note, someone stole all my biscotti today---the ones I make to thank new Road Warriors 2010 recruits. Who ever the thief or thieves may be, I hope you appreciate the hard work and cherished ingredients that went into those stolen treasures. For me, it's "Back to the kitchen!"

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