Friday, December 10, 2010

SOLD! Racy Red LeMond Has A New Owner!

The beautiful red Lemond Road Bike I was always so proud to ride now has a new home and owner! We are so grateful to Ian and Alicia Connelly for donating the $600.00 asking price to Freedom Alliance...this money is precious as it will be used to honor the memory of our fallen soldiers by sending their sons and daughters to college.

Thanks to Alicia and Ian!
 Our total for money raised through Road Warriors 2010 now stands at $9275!

What a fantastic and meaningful Christmas present for Alicia,
for Road Warriors 2010 and for Freedom Alliance.

What a perfect time to say...
"God Bless Us Everyone!"

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  1. We profusely thank Candyce Roberts, proud owners Alicia and Ian, and all of you who faithfully logged in your miles during Road Warriors 2010. This year, with your help, we are providing college scholarships to 225 sons and daughters of our fallen and disabled troops. We thank YOU for reminding these students that the sacrifices of their parent will NEVER be forgotten by our grateful nation! - Laurie Mooney Avila, Freedom Alliance