Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Au Revoir Racey Red LeMond Road Bike!

My Racey Red LeMond Zurich Road Bike

I did most of my Road Warrior miles on my Santa Cruz MTB, not the Greg LeMond road bike pictured here because I never felt quite stable on it and now I know's too big for me! Should fit a person 3 inches taller than me so I put it on Craig's List yesterday. Besides....I have a new ride! Dave bought me a VERY HOT Trek Madone 6.5. Still getting used to the speed of this thing..scary going down hill so fast when you're so short!

Anyway, 3 inquiries so far. Sale of this beauty will be our final donation for Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund.

Only asking $600.00 for a gorgeous Christmas present for some lucky new owner who will also be honoring a veteran killed in action by helping send his/her son or daughter to college with a Freedom  Alliance Scholarship. Yes!

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