Monday, May 24, 2010


WOW...What a great day!

Under a big-blue-sunny sky, Pleasanton Ridge Park turned out to be the perfect location for Sunday's KICK OFF EVENT. Our umbrellas, banners, and offers of ice cold water and cookies announced something was up. So as hikers and mountain bikers spilled off the ridge and through the big green gates, they stopped by to find out....

"What are you guys doing here?"
"What's Road Warriors?"

Tom, an old friend from my days as a waitress at the HUNGRY HUNTER, stayed with me all day, passing out ice cold water and answers to hikers with dogs, dads with babies on backs and even a guy on a unicycle.

To all our wounded warriors and families out there, I wish you could have been with us to see the faces and hear the stories from your fellow countrymen when they learned how ROAD WARRIORS 2010 was an opportunity to do something big and tangible for you. Over and over they said things like,

"What a great idea!"
"I can do this."
"I can do more than a 100 miles!"
"I have a lot of active friends I can tell about this."
"Good on ya for doing this!"

One young vet I talked with insisted on giving a donation and refused to let me take his name to give him credit. He must have said at least five times,

"Thanks for doing this."

I'm not sure how many people will start their RW adventure by pinning their sponsorship form to a wall at work next to the picture of the female soldier who lost her leg in combat, as Tom suggested. BUT no matter how they decide to spread the word and start to collect sponsors, if they are as enthusiastic as they were at the KICK OFF, we are going to raise a ton of awareness, money and support for WOUNDED WARRIOR PROJECT and FREEDOM ALLIANCE SCHOLARSHIP FUND.

Thank you
to everyone who said,
"Sign me up!"

Your whole hearted willingness
to to put in
100 miles for our incredible vets
is a great encouragement.

BTW...we had some surprise visitors to the info booth who wanted to do BIG things for the soldiers and ROAD WARRIORS in terms of gifts and prizes. Will keep you updated as these ideas turn into realities.

PS...jcnelson22...of course I know you..the warrior guy who chases down rattlesnakes and bobcats at Sycamore Grove Park. Thanks for hanging out with us for the Kick Off and for those 1,000 miles you're gonna do, dude. Bet I can beat you.


  1. Candyce - you sure know how to make me cry ... darn you!

  2. Well, you would have been blessed and amazed at the BIG hearted people out there. It was a day I'll never forget. THIS is gonna be better than wonderful PLC.