Friday, May 28, 2010


Gotta say, there are a lot of big hearts for our troops out there. And two of them need a great big shout out. First, my very first donation for Wounded Warrior Project has come in from the BIG ISLAND in the name of Richard Mastronardo. Richard lives in a little piece of heaven on earth, overlooking the Pacific and Waipio Valley tucked into the sleepy north end of the BIG ISLAND. The first time Dave and I visited Richard's Cliff House Hawaii, we were hooked. Not just on the ridiculous views, the hike up the Z trail, and the friendly natives, but on Richard's warmth and generosity. Thanks Richard! You made my day and are helping our guys and gals heal and move back into civilian life successfully.

Anyone who wandered over to the Kick Off Event Booth on Sunday was met with RW 2010 info and charmed by a choice of hunky, homemade cookies to refuel themselves. Trader Joe's made those cookies possible by donating all the ingredients including crunchy almond butter, eggs, flour, dried blueberries, cherries and chocolate. We are very grateful to TJ's for their generous support and willing hand in making our Kick Off and future events VERY tempting and tasty indeed.

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