Sunday, July 9, 2017

Prayer Request from Military Mom

This email came from Pleasanton Military Families…Mom had met our Pat Frizzel at the farmers market and then followed up with the info about her sons…I with held full names

My middle son, S deployed today.  The 27th Aero Squadron will be based in Dubai, and flying F-22's into Syria for three months.  Simultaneously, he and his fiancé, "C", are planning their Wedding for November..   "C" is an Air Force Flight Nurse and is already one month into her three month deployment in Germany.
"S's" older brother is training to bea ParaJumper/ParaRescue.   And, my youngest son is in the Army training in Armor- tanks.  He will be transferring from Fort Benning, GA to Ft Hood, Tx this month.
Please keep them all in your prayers along with all of our military?
Our country is so blessed to have such fine young people…"

We do pray. For this mother's three sons in harm's way. Lord, keep these young men safe and sound. Surround them with support and strengthen them from within. Let them know they are loved and honored by those of us at home for whom they risk their lives. Thank you for telling each son, "I know you and I love you." 

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