Friday, September 11, 2015

9/11 once more

Tom Burnett 

Mark Bingham

Todd Beamer

I can't believe it is 9/11 already. 14 years have passed since that horrific day in 2001. On that morning, my husband and I were taking a walk along the San Lorenzo River near Boulder Creek California. It was the last day of our vacation there. From across the river, in an RV park, I could hear what sounded like President Bush speaking. I said, "Why is the President talking and why is it so loud?" When we got back to check out of our villa, we asked the attendant what was going on. And she said, pointing to the TV, "Look! We've been attacked!" We could see the infamous flames and smoke coming out of the first tower. "What do you mean attacked?" "People flew planes into the World Trade Center," "What people." "Terriorists. We're at war."

No one said another word. We left stunned and unbelieving. We drove through the small town of  Saratoga and the normally busy streets and shops were empty. Stores were closed. A sense of dread was everywhere. We walked around a bit and spoke to the only person we saw on the street. We were all almost in tears.

I heard they are unveiling the Memorial in Shanskville Pennsylvania where United Airlines Flight 93 was brought down. In the coming days we were to hear about Tom, Todd Beamer, Mark Bingham and Jeremy Glick as the men who tried to stop the terrorists from bringing the plane down. We do remember. In our town of Pleasanton, a street has been named after Tom Burnett near the company he worked for, Thoratec. I think of 9/11 every day I pass by and see the name, Tom Burnett.

Click below for the Pennsylvania Memorial website and information...

Here is the story of Jeremy Glick.

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