Wednesday, March 31, 2010


The event is ROAD WARRIORS 2010.
The idea is to have fun and
raise money for our wounded vets.
The tactic is to run, walk, hike, bike
100 miles at your own pace
the kick off is on!

So whether you hit the road and the beat the path
on a regular basis or have been looking for a reason to start,
ROAD WARRIORS 2010 is waiting for you.

As a road warrior, your sweat equity will pay off big time
for our wounded warriors and their families through

Come to the kick off and learn
how your 100 miles can change
the life of a military hero.

May 23rd. 9-30-2:30pm...put it on your calendar.

Because the hills are green, the wildflowers are in bloom and Pleasanton's Ridge Park on Foothill Road has been confirmed by the East Bay Regional Park district as the perfect location for our "informal, informational get your bod going" kick off site. You've gotta be there and find out what ROAD WARRIORS 2010 is all about.

We're working on getting some incredible prizes
to help support your run-walk-hike-bike efforts.

At the park we'll have an info booth, hunky cookies made from great ingredients available at Trader Joe's (so you can keep makin' em at home), fruit, water and those awesome prizes. Here's the deal: the parking lot is sorta big, not huge. So we're encouraging potential road warriors to show up in shifts so to speak, like an open house--drop in anytime between 9:30 and 2:30, check out the info booth, grab your cookie and get to know this beautiful park on foot or mountain bike. Dogs are welcome on leash.

If you're on a road bike,
be sure make us a part of your pit stop.
Look for our ROAD WARRIOR 2010 banner
and stop in,
grab your cookie and head out
towards Sunol and Kilkare or Palomares Canyon

Then become a part of one of the greatest things you've ever done in your our wounded vets and their families and have a blast while you do it.


The Pleasanton Ridge Park is located on Foothill Road in Pleasanton. From I-680 Take the Bernal Ave. exit and turn towards the ridge, the turn left onto Foothill. Go about 3 miles to the parking lot and staging area on the right. There are porta potties, water, picnic tables, trail maps and a 1,600 foot elevation gain to the top. It's a huffer for first timers, but take it slow and enjoy the incredible views, wildflowers, and red tailed hawks crying overhead.

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